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CCL-produced videos to help promote Citizens’ Climate Lobby Lobby, the power of citizen advocacy, and to inspire others to advocate for climate solutions.
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Solutions to climate change: what can ordinary people do?
Making a Difference on Climate Change
CCL Intro Video
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Undo Your Part

Climate change can feel like a big, overwhelming challenge—but Americans have never backed down from big challenges. We may not have completely solved every issue, but we’ve made huge, positive changes over the course of our history. We are launching a video to remind us of that. It’s called Undo Your Part.

Undo Your Part was created to inspire those who are alarmed about climate change but haven’t taken action yet. Maybe they feel hopeless or aren’t sure what to do. With this video and your #UndoYourPart posts, we’ll inspire our fellow Americans to believe that if we work together, we can solve this.

Please WATCH and SHARE this video and don’t forget the hashtag: #UndoYourPart!

In your online share, please tell others WHY you want to #UndoYourPart and stay away from the WHAT you are doing. For example, “Because I want my children to be able to enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park like I did when I was growing up. #UndoYourPart

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