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CCL has a large library of CCL-produced videos you can use at chapter meetings or other events to help promote Citizens’ Climate Lobby Lobby, prove the power of citizen advocacy, and inspire others to advocate for climate solutions.
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About Us

Can Grassroots Lobbying Actually Influence Congress? (downloadable link)

As a former staffer for a Republican member of Congress, Jennifer Tyler has seen firsthand how grassroots lobbying can do more than months of hearings or briefings on a climate-related topic. If you don't think grassroots lobbying works, you need to hear her story. Take your first grassroots action for the climate today. It's easy!

CCL is Building A Diverse Climate Movement (downloadable link)

With 500 local chapters across the country, it only makes sense that Citizens’ Climate Lobby demographics represent and celebrate America’s diversity. This representation includes populations in the United States most impacted by the climate crisis, particularly frontline communities. We actively work to seek out, include and amplify voices and solutions from these communities in our local chapter work. We welcome you to join us and begin working toward climate solutions in your community. Learn more at

Conservatives Take Action for Climate - Join Us! (downloadable link)

Drew Eyerly, CCL's Director of Conservative Outreach, on how he decided to take action for climate after growing up in a deeply conservative family in rural Georgia. Learn more about CCL's conservative programming and policies at

A Reminder Of Who We Are (downloadable link)

2020 has been difficult. This video reminds us who we are, and why we do the work we do at CCL. We hope you enjoy it whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Alex Marianyi's CCL 2023 Great Lakes Regional Conference Speech

Citizens' Climate Lobby Introductory Video (2015)

You can speak up for climate change solutions that bridge the partisan divide like Carbon Fee and Dividend, which gives all revenue back to households. Narrated by Ian Somerhalder.

Our Work

The Climate Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act are the biggest climate bill in U.S. history 🇺🇸 (downloadable link)

Learn more and get involved at

CCL Utah Hosts Bipartisan Climate Debate (downloadable link)

CCLers in Utah hosted a public debate between two Republican incumbents, Representatives Blake Moore and John Curtis, and their Democratic challengers, Rick Jones and Glenn Wright. This debate was a huge win for democracy. The candidates may not have agreed on everything, but they had a much-needed, robust discussion on climate solutions in Utah.

Earth Day: Election Edition 2022 (downloadable link)

The Earth deserves more than just one day per year - so we gave it a second! This year, CCLers hosted community events nationwide in celebration of Earth Day: Election Edition in partnership with  There's still time to be a #ClimateVoter with our free social media toolkit. Visit for more.

How Does a Price on Carbon Work? (downloadable link)

Putting a price on carbon will reduce America's carbon pollution fast - as much as 50% by the end of this decade. But how? This video takes you through how a carbon tax works its way through the economy to accelerate a transition to clean energy, and how to make it affordable for people through a carbon cashback, or dividend payment.

¿Cómo funciona una Renta Climática?  (downloadable link)

Poner un precio al carbono reducirá rápidamente la contaminación por carbono -- hasta un 50% para el final de esta década. ¿Cómo? En este video se explica cómo la imposición de una tarifa al carbono a las compañías de combustible fósiles se abre paso a través de la economía para llevarnos a la energía limpia, y como una Renta Climática (en inglés, "Carbon Cashback"), que envía Dividendos de Carbono mensuales al pueblo, lo hace asequible para las personas, las familias y las pequeñas empresas.


Instructional Videos

How To Write a Letter to the Editor (downloadable link)

Writing a letter to the editor is a free and effective way to get your member of Congress' attention and spread awareness of important climate topics. CCL's State and Local Media Coordinator, Charlotte Ward, shows how to write your first letter to the editor in five easy steps. Find topics for your first letter to the editor here:

CCL Youth show how to call your Representatives to take action on climate change! (downloadable link)

How to Invite Friends to Call the Senate

CCL Conference National Conferences

December 2022 Opening & Welcome w/ Madeleine Para (downloadable link)

December 2022 CCL's 2023 Policy Agenda w/ Dana Nuccitelli (downloadable link)

All December 2022 Conference Presentations can be found on this YouTube playlist.

June 2022 International Conference Welcome Video (downloadable link)

Grit & Gratitude: CCL November 2021 Virtual Conference Video (downloadable link)

Making a Difference on Climate Change - CCL's 2018 International Conference

The Far Middle

Join us in the #FarMiddle (downloadable link)

CCL Volunteer Video Documentaries

Our Values In Action: From Our Volunteers(downloadable link)
Jacob: Young Republican climate advocate (downloadable link)
Reggie: Saving his own little corner of the earth (downloadable link)
Sarah: Climate change in the classroom (downloadable link)
Morgan: Faith driven climate advocacy (downloadable link)
Sonna: Doing climate work with love (downloadable link)
Mike: climate solutions in the heart of coal country (downloadable link)
Emily: student climate advocate (downloadable link)
Solutions to climate change: what can ordinary people do?
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