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CCL has a large library of CCL-produced videos you can use at chapter meetings or other events to help promote Citizens’ Climate Lobby Lobby, prove the power of citizen advocacy, and inspire others to advocate for climate solutions.
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Grit & Gratitude: CCL November Virtual Conference Video (downloadable link)

We seized the opportunity this year. We’ve been preparing for this moment and mobilized like never before to get carbon pricing legislation enacted. We rallied our friends and family to make over 160,000 contacts to Congress and the President expressing the need for carbon pricing in budget reconciliation. And now carbon pricing legislation is under consideration in the U.S. Senate. Let’s celebrate what we accomplished this year, and look to what’s next as we continue on full steam ahead.

How Does a Price on Carbon Work? (downloadable link)

Putting a price on carbon will reduce America's carbon pollution fast - as much as 50% by the end of this decade. But how? This video takes you through how a carbon tax works its way through the economy to accelerate a transition to clean energy, and how to make it affordable for people through a carbon cashback, or dividend payment.

A Reminder Of Who We Are (downloadable link)

2020 has been difficult. This video reminds us who we are, and why we do the work we do at CCL. We hope you enjoy it whenever you need a pick-me-up.

The Far Middle

Join us in the #FarMiddle (downloadable link)

CCL Volunteer Video Documentaries

Jacob: Young Republican climate advocate (downloadable link)
Reggie: Saving his own little corner of the earth (downloadable link)
Sarah: Climate change in the classroom (downloadable link)
Morgan: Faith driven climate advocacy (downloadable link)
Sonna: Doing climate work with love (downloadable link)
Mike: climate solutions in the heart of coal country (downloadable link)
Emily: student climate advocate (downloadable link)
Solutions to climate change: what can ordinary people do?
Making a Difference on Climate Change - CCL's 2018 International Conference
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U.S. Pro Skier Angel Collinson
U.S. Cross Country Ski Team
Actor Bradley Whitford
Professional Rock Climber Alex Honnold
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