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This training walks through how CCL chapters have used screenings to attract their community for discussions on climate and clean energy solutions. 
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Through the generosity of film and TV producers and distributors, Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers have access to share several films and TV shows with your local communities. Follow the steps below to plan your group’s event.

COVID Considerations

Given for the time being any film screening happening will take place online, watch this short interview with CCL Hawaii's leaders for an example of how CCL chapters are effectively organizing screenings online. In short, leverage your local connections, identify locally relevant topics and trusted experts to pair for a panel with your screening, assign tech support roles, practice with team and plan for back-up. If you're feeling bold, invite your member of Congress/staff and other organizations to join your event! 

For additional information see CCL's Blog: CCL Hawaii draws a crowd for virtual movie screening & panel and their Preparing a Screening for "The Burden" Drive files.

Find a venue and screening
  • Here is a list of films that CCL has used in the past for screenings (click on any of them for the link to their website and guides): Kiss The GroundThe Human Element, The Burden & Tidewater (Guide), Saving Snow or Facing the Surge (Guide), Happening (Guide), and Years of Living Dangerously (Guide).
    • Note: All of these films are available to screen for free or a nominal price. Coordinate with Morgan at for more details.
  • A screening may be held in any private home or venue. See the specific film or show guidelines. All you need is an area that will hold your expected attendees and a way to watch the film or show.
    • Looking for a bigger venue? Sometimes a theater will have a night of the week that isn’t particularly busy and will offer you a good price or even comp the space to your local chapter.
Invite guests
  • Make sure all the members of your chapter know about the screening and ask them to commit to inviting a few more people they think might be interested.
  • Send email invitations early — at least three weeks before the event.
  • Create a Facebook event or use an online invitation service like EventBrite.
  • Include details about when the event will start, whether food and drinks will be provided, what time the screening will begin, and when you expect to wrap things up.
  • Consider coupling the festival with a panel.  Panels can feature other speakers from local environmental organizations and important organizations.
  • Get creative in how local organizations can help out: ask if any of your members have the capability to produce local graphics and ads.
Schedule some social time

When you gather is up to you. One possibility would be to begin an hour early and socialize with snacks and drinks until it’s time for the screening and end by offering your attendees the chance to get more involved by taking one of a few simple actions. 

Whenever you choose to start, please make a priority of having all your guests feel welcome (name tags are a great help) and encourage newcomers to sign in with their names and email addresses. This is a great opportunity for recruitment. 

Include an action

After the film, if you feel comfortable, show the CCL intro video before the films and ask attendees "who is familiar with CCL?" as a perfect entry point to include a brief pitch about CCL’s work locally and nationally.

  • Consider beginning to go paperless with your chapters' calls to actions for engaging people at your event. See the Paper Grassroots Outreach training for recommendations on how to get started and the actions to feature. 
  • Register with CCL. We need new members for the work ahead!
  • Write a letter. Ask your congressperson to take action.
    • Paper/envelopes/stamps for letters to Congress
  • Make a donation. Support our work through a tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit Citizens’ Climate Education.
Share your Success!
Consider finding ways to fundraise

If your chapter is interested, find ways to feature the opportunity for local sponsors to be acknowledged:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for sponsorships in exchange for recognition in your event advertising, outreach, on screen and in the film program (some groups raise a considerable amount of money from sponsorships from local nonprofits, businesses and community organizations).
  • One great way to get the word out is with community partners.  These nonprofits, local organizations and businesses agree to promote your event to their membership or customers (via emails, their own social media, social networks, etc.)
  • In return, recognize your sponsors as community partners on the event publicity material, website, at the beginning of the event, on screen, and in the film program itself (printing a program allows you to engage more with the audience and provide your sponsors with a way to touch the audience).
  • If you collect in-kind donations such as gift certificates, consider using them as a raffle prize which give the audience the chance to fill out their name and contact information.
  • Consider setting up a local bank account for your chapter so that you can benefit from the money you raise.  Many sponsors do not require additional tax ID information to donate and for those that do, you can send their donations to CCL HQ for national fundraising.
Hosting A Wild and Scenic Film Festival
  • If your chapter is interested in putting in the time (often 100 volunteer hours) and hard work behind coordinating a bigger film event, the CCL CA Alameda County and CO Durango chapters have collaborated with the Wild & Scenic Film Festival to host an event of their own and found them to be a great opportunity to raise local awareness of CCL, partner with other organizations and local businesses, and raise money for the local chapter.  
  • Questions about Wild & Scenic? Click the "Watch" tab above for a more thorough interview and feel free to contact CCL CA Alameda County's Elyce Klein at:, CCL CO Durango's Louise Van Vonno at:, and Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour at (530) 265-5961 Ext. 204.
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Hosting A Wild & Scenic Film Event Screening For Your Chapter
Broadening Support With Veterans & National Security Audiences

Wild & Scenic Film Festivals
  • Elyce Klein
  • Louise Van Vovvo
  • Theresa Huck
Veterans & National Security Audiences 
  • Sean Collins
  • Major General Rick Devereaux
  • Roger Sorkin
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