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Resources to help volunteers generate written news articles or TV/radio segments about CCL's work and the Energy Innovation Act.
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Would you like to read a news article, watch a TV segment, or listen to a radio interview about your CCL chapter? Here's how to make that happen: send a press release! When something newsworthy is going on, fill out the appropriate press release template and send it to the reporters at your local newspapers, TV stations and radio stations. Hopefully they will respond by covering your news in an article, TV segment, or radio show.

Here are press release templates for a few common scenarios in CCL:

Press release about volunteers traveling to D.C.Press release about volunteers traveling to D.C.(.docx)44 KB
Press release in praise of your member of Congress Press release in praise of your member of Congress (.docx)287 KB
Press release about a grasstops endorsementPress release about a grasstops endorsement(.docx)286 KB
 Press release about a local event Press release about a local event(.docx)286 KB
Press release about spring lobby meetingsPress release about spring lobby meetings(.docx)286 KB

Want to learn more about using press releases to generate media coverage for CCL? Check out our training video on Generating Media Coverage, which explains how to build your list of local media contacts, when to reach out, and more.

If you have questions or need support, visit the "Working with Media" forum. CCL's Communications staff monitors the forum and will answer your questions quickly.

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If you want to write a press release about something else, check out our training video on "Drafting a press release" to learn more about writing your own. 

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