Environmental Voter Project and Voter Registration Handouts

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A quarter page handout encouraging people to work with the Environmental Voter Project, and a quarter page handout encouraging people to register to vote. Helping environmentalists get active and register to vote during your outreach is a great way to meet new folks, get them engaged in voting and encourage advocating for climate solutions as an election issue.
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Usage Instructions
Download either the color or black and white .pdf files below by clicking on the corresponding download button. Print from home, send the file to your local print shop, or use CCL's store to order online.

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 Environmental Voter Project Handout Environmental Voter Project Handout (Color .pdf)(updated 6/27/22)145 KB
Environmental Voter Project HandoutEnvironmental Voter Project Handout (Black & White .pdf)(updated 6/27/22) 144 KB
Find out more at cclusa.org/evp

Voter Registration HandoutVoter Registration Handout(.pdf)(color)(last updated 8/30/22)100 KB
Voter Registration HandoutVoter Registration Handout(.pdf)(black and white)(last updated 8/30/22)97 KB
Spanish Language Voter Registration Handout Spanish Language Voter Registration Handout (.pdf)(color)(updated 10/11/22) 95 KB
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