2024 Election Season Social Media Toolkit & #ClimateVoter Merch

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Materials and social media graphics to help you amplify important climate messages around the 2024 election season.
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Usage Instructions
Click the image below to see CCL's "2024 Election Season Social Media Toolkit & #ClimateVoter Merch" for a full list of incredible resources and actions that you can take across your social media channels and local chapter to keep climate front and center in our national policies. 
 2024 Election Season Social Media Toolkit & #ClimateVoter Merch 2024 Election Season Social Media Toolkit & #ClimateVoter Merch (.pdf) (updated 1/10/24) 3284 KB


2024 Election Season Social Media Toolkit & #ClimateVoter Merch Hashtags 

  • #GrassrootsClimate
  • #ClimateVoter
  • #ClimateAction
  • #ClimateChange
  • #EnvironmentalVoter
  •  #Election2024 

Social Media Posts (Primary Season) 

Register to Vote:  Link to editable graphic (page 2) 

Suggested post text:
The primaries are round one of the 2024 elections. Make sure youʼre registered to vote now and help make sure that every candidate in the race has a strong climate plan. If youʼre not registered to vote and donʼt know where to start, visit cclusa.org/vote or send me a message and Iʼll help you out! 

Vote in the Primaries: Link to editable graphics (pages 3, 4 & 5) 

Suggested post text: Friendly reminder for everyone in [State]: primary voting is [coming up/happening now]! The Environmental Voter Project estimates 13,000,000 American environmentalists donʼt vote in federal elections. We canʼt expect climate-friendly policies if the people who want to solve climate change donʼt vote. Visit cclusa.org/vote for more information. 

I Voted in the Primary:  Link to graphic 

Suggested post text: Voted today! Iʼm thankful for the chance to play even a small part in helping to stop the pollution thatʼs overheating the planet. Every person who wants to see climate change prioritized this year needs to vote. Letʼs do this! 

Iʼm a #ClimateVoter: Link to editable graphics (pages 7-11) 

Suggested post text: Whenever I vote, I always follow a simple rule—vote for the best outcome for our climate. Iʼll support candidates who genuinely care about our planet and show it by having a strong plan to address climate change. Proud to be a #ClimateVoter! 

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