Social Media Toolkit - Top Weekly Reconciliation Actions

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Recommended resources, sample posts, and step-by-step instructions updated weekly for how to use your social media accounts to help CCL push forward in ensuring a price on carbon is included in the budget reconciliation package.
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Click the green button to download CCL's "Top Reconciliation Actions"  Social Media Toolkit below for a list of the top social media posts/actions updated with fresh material each week that you can take to help CCL's push to make sure a price on carbon is included in this year's climate legislation. Watch the full video training of CCL Marketing Manager Ashley Hunt Martorano here!
Top Budget Reconciliation Actions Social Media Toolkit Top Budget Reconciliation Actions Social Media Toolkit (.pdf)(updated 1/13/22) 6835 KB

Taken all the previous actions? Great! We’ve got new actions for you to take THIS week. Choose your own adventure with whichever platforms you’re on, or go wild and download and create new profiles on other platforms to help demonstrate the momentum for carbon pricing in budget reconciliation!

Reminder: We’ve got training recordings on CCL Community to help you with each platform if it’s new to you. Access those here.

1/13/22 Updates on Twitter:

  1. Senator Hickenlooper’s Tweet advocating a price on carbon.
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  2. CCL’s tweet asking to email President Biden
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1/13/22 Updates on Facebook:

  1. CCL’s Wordle post emailing President Biden.
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  2. CCL’s post about new research from Yale.
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1/13/22 Updates on Instagram:

  1. CCL’s Wordle post encouraging Biden emails
  2. CCL’s post of cat getting too many emails (and to email Biden!)
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1/13/22 Updates on TikTok:

No updates this week - check back next week!

1/13/22 Updates on LinkedIn:

  1. CCL’s Wordle post and call to action!
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