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Far Middle Social Media Toolkit

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The Far Middle is a new brand campaign from CCL. It brings one of CCL’s brand promises, “being nonpartisan,” to the forefront. Utilize this toolkit for recommendations on how to share the campaign videos on your own social accounts, using our suggested posts or by crafting your own.
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What is this:  The Far Middle is a new brand campaign from CCL. It brings one of CCL’s brand promises, ‘being nonpartisan,’ to the forefront. The Far Middle will launch with a video of a ‘3 headed spokesperson’ - a left head, right head and far middle head. The video introduces the viewer to the Far Middle and offers the Energy Innovation Act as a solution many can get behind. 

CCL will share the ‘3 heads’ video (and various cuts) on its social channels during the launch month. We’d love if you could share the video as well.    

Far Middle Social Media Toolkit Far Middle Social Media Toolkit (.pdf) (3/10/20) 155 KB

Video clips:  These clips are available to share. We provide recommended pairings (video with copy for each platform below)  

Instagram Stories segments:  Segment 1Segment 2Segment 3,  Segment 4Segment 5Segment 6Segment 7Segment 8Segment 9Segment 10Segment 11



  1. Far Middle website: (Use this link to send people to a page fully branded with the Far Middle. People are encouraged to send a letter to their members of Congress and join CCL. A good choice for an audience less familiar with CCL).  
  2. CCL’s website landing page: This is a more CCL-focused page about how we work in the Far Middle, a good choice for people who have already heard about CCL.


Use #FarMiddle in all of your posts on social media, including Stories!

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