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The collection of resilience resources below are designed to help you learn more about and build personal resilience as a climate advocate.

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Resilience is all about recognizing challenges - the pain, the ache, the overwhelm - and doing whatever it takes to work our way through them and grow stronger. Doing this as climate advocates helps us stay the course, through the highs and the lows, and finish this climate mitigation marathon. We do our best to share resources here that are aligned with CCL’s values, particularly those of optimism, relationships, focus, and founded in science (integrity). Check back often for updates and additional resources. 

For general resilience workshops, practices, trainings and resources mostly within CCL: 

Personal Resilience-building Strategies

Articles & Blog Posts:



CCL Webinar Recordings (see The Resilience Hub for online trainings): 

Training Specific Collections and Resources: 

Online Courses outside of CCL: 

General Resource Collections: 

Mindfulness / Meditation / Education Apps: 

Organizations / Websites: 

Helping Others Build Personal Resilience

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