CCL Introductory Presentation

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The CCL Introductory Presentation, including usage instructions and speakers notes.
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Usage Instructions
Research provided by ecoAmerica reveals there is a sequence of steps, that, if followed, prepares your audience to hear and accept your message and helps move them to action. The CCL Introductory Presentation follows this sequence. You are encouraged to edit the presentation to fit your audience, but try to keep the sequence discussed below in mind. To see how to put this all together, watch the Giving A Presentation training page.

To download the presentation, click on the buttons below for a PowerPoint version. Click on the image below for the Google Slides (v 3.0.0) version.

 CCL Introduction Presentation (v. 3.0.0) CCL Introduction Presentation (v. 3.0.0) (.pptx) (updated 2/2/24) 78400 KB
Presentation Guide and Notes

Presentation Purposes

  1. To connect with your audience
  2. To frame the importance of taking action on climate change
  3. To introduce our solution
  4. To introduce CCL
  5. To inspire people to join or support our efforts

Presentation Edits

This CCL Introductory Presentation template is ready “as is” with a few minor edits. However, presenters are empowered and encouraged to make whatever edits they feel necessary to connect with their audience.

Knowing that each audience differs in their values and worldview, presenters will need to edit slides in the “Bond and Connect” section.

The CCL presentation uses two fonts that you might need to download onto your local computer to use properly. To download the fonts, go to:

For purposes of marketing, branding, consistency and readability, we ask that you use the following CCL brand attributes:


  1. White background with black font is best.
  2. Font sizes – for titles use 60 or > point font, for content use 24 or greater point font.
  3. Bold content to emphasize versus underlining.
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