Recruiting For Your Group

How to grow, diversify, and build your chapter.


Trainings for group leaders that will help you grow, diversify, and build your CCL group.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Recruiting For Your Local Group

Learn strategies for finding and engaging people to become active volunteers in your local chapter. Learn now!

Growing Your Conservative Membership

This training shares recommendations for reaching out and connecting with the many conservatives concerned about climate change in your community. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Reaching out to Diverse Communities

Strategies and tools to expand your chapter's diversity footprint and represent a more complete array of your local community's constituency Learn now!

How To Tour Your State and Region

Learn from other state tour efforts to help build new chapters in their region to expand CCL's presence into every Congressional district. Learn now!

Rural Strategies for CCL Chapter Success

Learn how rural-based chapters are uniquely engaging their communities to be effective across all five levers of building political will. Learn now!

Dive Deeper

Share your chapter development questions about recruiting for your CCL group in the Chapter Organizing forum discussions. (group development too!)