Becoming Effective Climate Communicators

Communication skills are essential to having productive conversations with all different kinds of people about climate solutions.


These trainings wil help empower you to use your skills to practice listening, establishing shared values, building relationships, and addressing points of disagreement.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing offers you a package of skills to collaborate with anyone, especially "difficult" people. Learn now!

Reframing: Moving People from Resistance to Support

Learn communication skills to respond to resistance by tapping into others' values and beliefs and finding a more useful frame that allows them to join our cause. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Talking Climate Change With NNOCCI

Boost your skills in proven communications techniques that shift the national conversation about climate change to be more positive, civic-minded and solutions-focused. Learn now!

Climate Conversations With New Acquaintances

Identify the barriers to effective communication. Make room for other people and learn to "Bond, Connect, and Inspire". Learn now!

Effective Listening Skills

Learn the phases of the communication process, and learn the seven key skills of effective listening. Learn now!

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Telling Compelling Stories

Learn how to center our own story about climate change in shared values and social issues and practice sharing it with others. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Dive Deeper

Visit the Braver Angels Action Team "Bridging the Divide on Climate Solutions" workshop for more training, support, and a chance to practice these communication skills live with other CCLers.