Policy Studies & Tools

These tools, reports, and research helps advocates understand carbon fee and dividend and grounds CCL's policy in the larger policy field and economics perspective.


Use these tools and resources to help you understand the details of carbon pricing policies like the Energy Innovation Act.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Hosting Climate Simulations In Your Community

Review Climate Interactive's new climate policy simulator, En-ROADS, and how you can use it in your community. Learn now!

Using the Carbon Fee and Dividend Calculator

The Carbon Fee and Dividend Calculator is a easy-to-use tool to estimate the financial outcomes for an individual household. Learn now!

Environmental and Economic Benefits (REMI)

A look at the REMI study's conclusions about the Environmental and Economic Benefits of a federal carbon fee & dividend policy. Learn now!

The Household Impact Study

A study that looks at the financial impact that carbon fee and dividend would have on households on a per state and district level. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Understanding Clean Electricity Standards

This training reviews the main details about key questions CCL volunteers might have about what exactly is a Clean Electricity Standard (CES), how does it work, and how does it compare to a carbon fee and dividend? Learn now!

The Climate Leadership Council's Carbon Dividends Plan

A look at the Climate Leadership Council's Carbon Dividends Plan along with resources for other carbon pricing legislation from recent sessions. Learn now!

Dive Deeper

Share your questions about the basics of carbon fee & dividend policies in the Economics Policy Network discussions.