Climate Opinion & Communications Research

Keep up to date on what social science research finds important in how, what, and when we communicate about climate change.


This topic is a quick window in with some of the researchers who sat down with CCL to discuss communicating about climate change information, emotions, behaviors and values impacts our relationships and society.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Let's Talk Communities & Climate with ecoAmerica

Equip yourself with the tools to effectively engage your community on climate change and climate change solutions. Learn now!

Using the Yale Climate Opinion Maps

The Climate Opinion Maps help us understand public opinion on climate change and use the data in your meetings, with the media, and others. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

The Guide To Communicating About Carbon Pricing

This training provides specific communication recommendations around carbon pricing policy based on the main findings and recommendations in the Guide to Communicating Carbon Pricing report. Learn now!

The Psychology of Climate Change Communication

How do we make decisions amidst uncertainty? How do we communicate about the risks we face? What is most supportive in leading to change? Learn now!

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