Congressional In-District Activities

How to set up a meeting with your member of Congress back home in your community.


Meeting in your local district with your member of Congress increases the likelihood of a face-to-face meeting and allows more CCL volunteers to participate in lobbying. This topic highlights the best practices and our greatest successes.

Recommended training, resources, and more

In-District Lobbying

Discover why "In-District" is so important. Involve local people of influence (faith, business, labor and political leaders) in your meetings. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Attending Town Hall and Candidate Forums

Through good planning and by being quick to adapt to the situation, you can take advantage of the opportunity presented by town halls. Learn now!

Hosting Successful Site Visits

Learn best practices for how to successfully host site visits for your members of Congress. Learn now!

Campaign Season Activities

Tips, insights and resources available for building candidate relationships in the primary season. Learn now!

Developing Relationships with Candidates

Learn from representatives and CCL leaders how they've continued to build engagement and keep climate change and CCL in their awareness. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

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Share your questions about in-district activities in the Lobbying Congress forum discussions.