Community Outreach

Whether your goals are to educate others, to build relationships or to seek endorsements, outreach to specific communities is an integral part of building political will.


There are a wide variety of organizations out there that are beneficial for CCL to engage with. Explore the trainings below to understand specific recommendations to get you started.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Getting Started with Community Outreach

This training walks through how to begin to engage with other organizations in a respectful, understanding and productive way. Learn now!

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Outreach To The Agriculture Community

Review how to communicate with your member of Congress about agriculture and climate change, farmers and climate solutions. Learn now!

Engaging Higher Education in Climate Solutions

Learn about how to get young adults on campus and their university leadership involved in your CCL team's outreach with college students and higher education. Learn now!

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Outreach to Faith Communities

Many voices within the faith community have been making a moral case for action on climate change. This training highlights useful suggestions in reaching out to those in the faith community. Learn now!

Outreach to Environmental Organizations

Understanding the climate movement and environmental landscape is an important part of understanding how to engage with other environmental organization, follow this training to get caught up. Learn now!

Rotary & Service Organizations Outreach

Service organizations are another name for your local clubs. Each of them also provides wonderful opportunities to conduct outreach to your fellow community members on climate solutions. Learn now!

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National Security Outreach

Many voices within the national security community identify the national security risks associated with climate risk. Use this training to help make in-roads in your own community. Learn now!

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Working with Environmental Justice Communities

Join the Climate and Environmental Justice Action Team to learn and practice two larger approaches within environmental justice outreach. Learn now!

Health Industry Outreach

Join the Health Action Team to learn more about the connections between our changing climate, fossil fuel air pollution and human health. Learn now!

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Using Oil & Gas's Support For Carbon Pricing

CCL's Team OIL can help you understand the fossil fuel industry's history and thought leaders, and about their support for carbon pricing. Learn now!

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State Level Carbon Pricing Outreach

Join the action team supporting carbon pricing efforts at the state level to increase pressure on the federal government to act on climate. Learn now!

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Communicating with Progressives

Follow this training for resources, ideas, and messaging do's and don'ts for building relationships and support with Democrats, Progressives, and left-leaning community groups. Learn now!

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Communicating with Conservatives

Best practices for communicating with people of different political beliefs including specific advice for conservative communities Learn now!

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Dive Deeper

Share your questions about reaching out to and connecting with your community in the Grassroots Outreach forum discussions.