Working with Other Organizations and Allies

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This training explores how to engage and partner with other organizations in a respectful, understanding and productive way - featuring examples from throughout the country of what CCL chapters are doing to build these essential connections as well as understanding how to best interface with local groups of national green organizations.

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Who Should We Reach Out To?

Here's an initial list of other non-profits for your local chapter to consider reaching out to and engaging in dialogue:

What Should We Talk About?

Here's a selection of "asks" to consider including in your conversation once you've developed a relationship: 

  • Meet with their steering committee or leadership team to discuss collaboration
  • Give a presentation - they may be scheduling their fall meeting presentations
  • Plan a joint outreach or educational event
  • Bring your chapter members together for a social event
  • Draw a member of Congress's attention to local climate impacts
  • You can ask a local chapter of a national organization for an endorsement, but note that many local chapters follow the lead of their national office and may not be willing to endorse.
Focusing on relationships is just as important as endorsements so do not get discouraged, get creative on ways to work together!
What Steps Should We Take?
  1. Do your research before making contact - know the organization's profile as well as some background about it's local leadership
  2. For your meeting focus on your groups' shared vision for an emissions-free future
  3. Be humble, non-partisan, and use your effective communication and listening skills
  4. Strive to develop a long-term respectful and mutually-beneficial relationship between your groups so that you can continue to work together on key areas of overlap

Remember, you're not alone, be clear about your part, practice courage, keep learning, claim your vision. For more inspiring stories across the country click the "Watch" and "Listen" tab to hear what local CCL groups have done.

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