Building Electrification Handouts

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Fact sheets, table signs and quarter sheet flyers for CCL's policy agenda focus area on Building Electrification & Efficiency for your tabling, presentation and other outreach opportunities. 
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Usage Instructions

Use these materials when tabling or at other events to educate the general public about building electrification and efficiency and to inspire action. Click the green "Download" button next to each document, then print it or send the file to your local print shop or use CCL's Print Store, (by (1) clicking “Create an Account”, (2) following the prompts to create an account, and (3) you'll be logged in automatically and you can scroll down to select this resource).

Suggestion: Print the table sign and display it in a sign holder accompanied by several fact sheets, and use the quarter page flyer as a handout. 

Building Electrification Fact SheetBuilding Electrification Fact Sheet(.pdf)(added 11/29/22)162 KB
 Building Electrification Table Sign Building Electrification Table Sign(.pdf)(added 11/29/22)192 KB
Building Electrification Quarter (1/4) SheetBuilding Electrification Quarter (1/4) Sheet(.pdf)(added 11/29/22)109 KB
Note: The "editable" version of these files only allow 1-3 lines (depending on whether it is the fact sheet, table sign or 1/4-sheet flyer) to be added as a customized text box field in the lower right corner of the page.
Building Electrification Editable Handouts (Color)Building Electrification Editable Handouts (Color)(.pdf)(updated 2/23/23) 513 KB
Building Electrification Editable Handouts (Black & White)Building Electrification Editable Handouts (Black & White)(.pdf)(updated 2/23/23) 357 KB
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