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Meeting Plan Template

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A print-out template to help lobby teams design a meeting plan for your lobby meetings. 
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When possible, meeting plans are created by the congressional liaison and lobby teams for a particular district with input from local groups. The plan is advisory only. Please use your own judgment in planning and carrying out the meeting and be flexible and responsive to the ideas of the member of Congress and their staff.

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Note: For CCL's online November 2021 Lobby Days there is no expectation for liaisons or meeting leads to submit a plan to CCL ahead of time. We encourage you to communicate your plans with your team and hope you will work collaboratively to share it and have practice sessions with your meeting team in advance of your meeting.

 Meeting Plan Template Meeting Plan Template (.docx)(updated 9/23/21) 825 KB
Meeting Plan Template Meeting Plan Template (.pdf)(updated 9/23/21) 54 KB


Meeting Plan for November 2021: (Plans are not submitted online for this remote meeting)

Member of Congress Name: State/District: R or D:

Face-to-face meeting with the member of Congress or a staff level meeting? 

Staffer name and title (even if meeting with the member, a staffer will be present): 

Liaison name, email and cell number (or appointment setter):

Expected virtual meeting method (ex:  Zoom link and passcode):

Minute taker name and email:

Meeting team member names, hometown/zip, their CCL chapters and constituent status:

Meeting guests (i.e. endorsers, community leaders):

Advance Preparation Checklist:

  • Liaison confirms:
    • the meeting time with staff (in local and DC time zones)
    • the log-in information to access the virtual meeting online
    • the Primary or Secondary Ask and any materials needed (send five days in advance)
  • The tech support role familiarizes themselves with the online meeting platform being used and trains the team on how to use the important security features
  • The meeting lead organizes practice session(s) with the full team.

Meeting Roles (some people will take multiple roles) (for a thorough description of what each role is responsible for, please click the link to be taken to the Lobby Team Role Descriptions page)

  • Meeting/Discussion Leader:
  • Appreciator:
  • Time Monitor:
  • Notetaker:
  • Asker:
  • Tech Support:
  • Follow-up:
  • Photographer:
  • Listener:

1. What are your goals for this meeting? What is your strategy for further building the relationship with this office and increasing their support for carbon pricing?

2 . What is your appreciation(s) of the member of Congress or staffer? 

3. What is your “Ask” and/or “Supporting Ask(s)?” What steps would you like your member to take to move forward on climate change?

4. What are your meeting topics, e.g., discussion points, information or endorsements to share, past concerns to follow up on? (Note: Pick the 2-3 most important ones and leave others for future meetings. Leave time to talk about whatever the aide or member of Congress wants to talk about.)

5. For each topic to discuss, prepare open-ended questions to find out what the member of Congress (or aide) shares in response to this topic. What do you want to listen for and learn?

6. Additional questions to consider asking during the meeting: 

  • What are your current legislative priorities?
  • Which community leaders, businesses or individuals would you like to hear from in-district? 
  • What other climate policy solutions are you looking at? 
  • What is your preferred solution to climate change? 
  • How do you feel about carbon pricing generally?
  • Describe how you see the paths for action on climate in the future?  
  • How has this Congress changed your thinking?  Do you see any opportunities or challenges?
  • What initiatives could members of your party take to move forward effective climate policy?
  • What are the ways we (CCL) can improve how we work in this district to build political will for action on climate solutions? 

7. Follow up: 

  • Who will deliver a thank you note? 
  • How, when, and who will follow up on other meeting items?
  • Who will submit meeting minutes and when?

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