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A print-out template to help lobby teams design a meeting plan for your lobby meetings. 
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When possible, meeting plans are created by the congressional liaison and lobby teams for a particular district with input from local groups. The plan is advisory only. Please use your own judgment in planning and carrying out the meeting and be flexible and responsive to the ideas of the member of Congress and their staff.

To download this resource click on the "Download" button below.  If you are a liaison looking to submit your meeting plan for November, visit the Meeting Plan Tool page here.

Meeting Plan TemplateMeeting Plan Template(.doc)33 KB
Meeting Plan TemplateMeeting Plan Template (.pdf) 110 KB

Meeting Plan Outline

Member of Congress Name, State/District:

Face-to-face meeting with the member of Congress or a staff level meeting? 

Staffer name (even if face-to-face, a staffer will be present):

Liaison (or appointment setter) name, email and cell number:

What is this member’s anticipated level of support for the Energy Innovation Act?

___ Would not vote for it 

___ May or may not vote for it

___ Would vote for it

___ Likely to cosponsor

___ Is already a cosponsor 


Meeting Roles

To be assigned after Lobby Schedules are sent out on November 7th. Some people will take multiple roles.

Meeting Leader:


Time Monitor (Tracks time, estimated percentage of time member of Congress/staff spoke vs. CCL, and number of open-ended questions CCL team asked):

Notetaker (Meeting Leader please save Notetaker name for tracking down missing notes after Lobby Day):

Discussion Facilitator (include everyone):



Follow-up (please include name of person doing follow-up in minutes):

Photographer (coordinates sending photo to liaison for social media distribution):

1. What is your appreciation(s) of the member of Congress or staffer? How else can the CCL lobby team build the relationship with this office?

2. What is your “Ask” and “Supporting Ask(s)?” What steps would you like your member to take to move forward?

3. What are your meeting topics, e.g., discussion points, information or endorsements to share, past concerns to follow up on? (Note: Pick the 2-3 most important ones and leave others for future meetings. Leave time to talk about whatever the aide/MOC wants to talk about.)

4. For each topic you want to discuss, prepare open-ended questions to find out what the MOC/aide thinks in response to this topic. What do you want to find out from them that you will be listening for?

5. Additional questions you could/should ask during the meeting: 

  • Who would you like to hear from in the state or district? 
  • What other climate policy solutions are you looking at? 
  • What could we be doing more of in the district to make it easier for you to support the Energy Innovation Act? 

6. Follow up: Who will deliver a thank you note? How, when, and who will follow up on other meeting items?

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