Yale Six Americas Activity

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A printable, double-sided 18" x 12" display activity that can help start good conversations about climate change  at any outreach tabling event to reflect on where they stand on climate change and open up a conversation.
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Usage Instructions

Use the CCL-branded printable graphic to create an interactive conversation starter at your table! Our volunteers have already been using this exercise with success at tabling events across the country. This reusable, branded version will make it extra easy. 

Gather Supplies

Here are some tips for making your Yale Six Americas activity a success.

  • Either have this graphic printed at a professional print shop or print it at home. 
  • We recommend printing the graphic double-sided or printing it on two sheets and adhering those sheets to opposite sides of a piece of foam core (if you are up to a DIY project, you can purchase foam core at a craft supply store or a local dollar store). You can also print double sided and laminate the poster.
  • Get 6 mason jars or bowls or mugs - something for passersby to drop something into - to place near each circle on the poster
  • Gather marbles, rocks, jelly beans, or M&Ms for folks to use to indicate which America they fall into.
  • You might also use push-pins or stickers, but doing so will make it not re-usable for future events. That’s why we recommend using jars and marbles.

At your event

  • Display ‘side 1’ of the printout when a person approaches your table. Ask the person to  put a pebble in the jar that corresponds to how they feel about climate change. 
  • Once they’ve responded, you flip the graphic over to ‘side 2’ to show them how most Americans feel about climate change. Based on their response, you can tailor your subsequent conversation to meet them where they are at. And, no matter how the person feels about climate change, they will probably appreciate the opportunity to share what they think.  
Six Americas (18Six Americas (18" x 12" poster) (.pdf)(updated 7/27/23) 186 KB

Side 1


Side 2


Messaging & Resources

Take pictures and videos 

Don’t forget to capture people interacting with your activity! Make sure to get wide shots and close ups. Share photos on your chapter social media and ask attendees (after they are finished) to engage with those posts to help generate a buzz. Be sure to tag @citizensclimate in all your posts! Note: ask for permission from anyone in the photos/videos.



Want to know which of the Six Americas you are in?   Take the short Six Americas Quiz!
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