Climate Anxiety Counseling Booth

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The Climate Anxiety Counseling Booth helps you engage with your community to help start conversations and talk about climate change solutions. 
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Usage Instructions

To get our ‘Peanuts’ Climate Anxiety Counseling Booth kit (see below) you can either:

  • Download the .pdf file (see below) and print it at home or take it to a shop like Staples or Office Depot to have it printed on foam board.
  • Or order it from CCL's Print Store. (Note that you'll need to create an account on CCL's Print Store before ordering, see below for instructions)

Creating an account in CCL's Print Store:
  1. Go to CCL's Print Store
  2. Click “Create an Account”
  3. Follow the prompts to create an account
  4. You'll be logged in automatically and you can scroll down to select and order the Booth kit.

See this video of how to cut the foam board and assemble it


See it in action

Following the creative experience of a lot of CCL chapters and the work of Kate Schapira, our amazing marketing team has provided a Climate Anxiety Booth to emulate Lucy -- from the Peanuts cartoon and her psychiatry booth -- so that you too can provide support for passerbys that would like to talk, this time about climate. Here's what it looks like when assembled:


To download the booth image and print it locally, here is a 24" wide x 36" tall dimension PDF print-out:
Climate Anxiety Booth Large Print-out (24Climate Anxiety Booth Large Print-out (24" w x 36" t)(.pdf)(added 4/13/23)2053 KB
Here are the assembly instructions and an example video of how to assemble it:
Climate Anxiety Booth Assembly InstructionsClimate Anxiety Booth Assembly Instructions(.pdf)(added 3/28/23)2423 KB
And if your team doesn't have a budget for a larger foam board cut out display you can still use this PDF print-out as part of your display.

Climate Anxiety Booth 8.5 x 11 Tabling Print-outClimate Anxiety Booth 8.5 x 11 Tabling Print-out(.pdf)(added 3/28/23)571 KB
Climate Anxiety Booth Engagement TipsClimate Anxiety Booth Engagement Tips(.pdf)(added 12/1/23)270 KB
Climate Anxiety Booth Sample ConversationClimate Anxiety Booth Sample Conversation(.pdf)(added 12/1/23)223 KB
CCL Climate Resilience ResourcesCCL Climate Resilience Resources(.pdf)(added 12/1/23) 291 KB
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