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Attendees at your events can easily join CCL by going to cclusa.org/join using the browser on their phone. For attendees who don't have a phone or are unable to use the browser on the phone, you may want to have a backup sign up sheet to collect names and contact information at outreach events.
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Note: CCL HQ encourages paperless tabling. Instead of putting out a paper signup sheet, try asking attendees to join CCL using the browser on their phone or by sending a text. 
  • Ask attendees to “Join” CCL at cclusa.org/join and, if they’d like to be alerted to occasional actions they can take, check the box, “I'd like to receive occasional text messages.” If they’d like to sign up for the weekly Wednesday Information Session, check that box too.
  • Another way to join is to send a text message with the word “Join” to 619-675-7507. You can print and post this Text to Join CCL Sign so that everyone can see the phone number. 
  • There are many additional benefits to joining CCL online instead of signing a paper signup sheet, see the Paperless Grassroots Outreach training for more!
Pro-tip: If you do decide to still pursue the traditional sign-up form make sure to fill out the first row with an example completely so that others afterwards see it modeled correctly.
 Standard Sign up Sheet Standard Sign up Sheet (.pdf)(updated 4/30/24)203 KB

If your chapter needs help with entering your sign-ups into CCL's database (we recommend doing so in the first 24 hours after the event) email CCL's Elli Sparks at elli@citizensclimate.org with the photo of the sheets (or a spreadsheet with their info already added).
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