Group Administration

The how-to's of managing your group's roster, online page, reporting tools, and other information.


This learning topic includes trainings that feature videos, presentation slides, and audio recordings so you can choose your learning style to interact with the content presented.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Planning and Facilitating a Group Meeting

This training focuses on how to prepare for and lead a CCL monthly meeting. Learn now!

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Using the Action Tracker

Learn how to track your actions as a volunteer building political will with elected representatives, the media, and the public. Learn now!

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Using Your Chapter Roster

Follow this training's recommendations to utilize your chapter roster in keeping information about your group up to date and helping enable key roles and permissions. Learn now!

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How To Host Online Zoom Meetings

This training walks through the process of setting up and hosting an online group meeting on Zoom, including important considerations to get your group started. Learn now!

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Group Leader Reports

This training reviews how group leaders can understand and best use the reports they are sent via email Learn now!

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Adding New Volunteers in the Database

This training explains the two primary ways of registering a new volunteer into the CCL database if they sign up at an event using a paper signup sheet. Learn now!

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Editing Your Chapter Web Page

Learn how Group Leaders can edit their chapter's public facing web page on our main website using an editing interface that's on Community. Learn now!

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When Someone New Joins CCL

Here's what you can expect to happen automatically when a new supporter is added to the CCL database. Learn now!

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Chapter Forwarder Emails & Email Productivity Tips

This training focuses on understanding the chapter email forwarder that each chapter has and tips to keep on top of your email. Learn now!

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Managing Money in Your Group

Look at various ways to raise and manage money in your group for things like chapter activities and conference scholarships. Learn now!

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Raise Funds for CCL Nationally

Raising money can be fun and satisfying and this training walks through the steps of a fundraiser for CCL national for dedicated volunteers want to go above and beyond by organizing a fundraising campaign. Learn now!

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Dive Deeper

Share your chapter development questions about administering your CCL group in the Chapter Organizing forum discussions. (group development too!)