When Someone New Joins CCL

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There are many ways people can come into our organization. This training guide provides an overview of what happens on an automated level from CCL's headquarters when a new supporter is added to the CCL database.
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How New Volunteers Might Join CCL
  • Personal invitation by a CCL member
  • Joining on our website
  • Contacting Congress through one of our online tools
  • Texting to Join (619-675-7507)
  • Signing up at a tabling or outreach event
  • Opting in when filling out a constituent comment form or postcard
  • Registering for one of our conferences
  • Making a donation
  • Joining our Informational Session

We want these new supporters to end up in our database so they can be added to our monthly email newsletter list and invited to participate more fully in CCL. 

Note: The automatic process below is a supplement to the personal contact CCL supporters and leaders should continue to have with their group leader and each other.

Welcome Message

When someone new is added to CCL’s database (either via HQ or by a group), they receive an initial welcome message tailored to the way they joined us (e.g., a slightly different message for tabling event vs. website forms). With CCL's upgrades in CCL Community, every new volunteer is also automatically provided a CCL Community username and password, and is added to our Weekly Briefing and Monthly Newsletter list. All new volunteers receive a welcome message inviting them to attend our Wednesday Informational Session, providing their local group's contact information and an invitation to visit our the New Volunteer page.

Who receives emails from CCL Community?

When someone joins CCL, contact information and communications are handled in two distinct ways, depending on how these new volunteers join:

Volunteers who join CCL directly (via our online sign-up or text to join program) will be considered activated and will be sent an invitation to CCL Community. These volunteers will begin receiving all CCL Community notifications immediately. See the FAQ on CCL's new Join Process for more information.

Volunteers who join more indirectly (i.e., signing up at a tabling event, signing up for an event, via their information being added to the roster, etc.) will be added to CCL Community but will not be considered active and will not receive notifications (i.e., daily digests, forum posts, etc.) from CCL Community beyond email messages from their local group leader until they login to activate their CCL Community account.  

Reminders and Encouragement

They are also sent an automated series of reminder emails to encourage them to get more involved with CCL. Generally, they will get one per week for the first month and then one every two to four weeks after that. They are invited to attend the Informational Session, fill out our volunteer form, and take action by contacting Congress via our online action tools. This process can last up to three months. If you are sending us a new person who should not be encouraged in this way, let membership know by emailing membership@citizensclimatelobby.org.

Climate Advocate Training

Once they attend the informational session (or listened to the recorded version online), they are then encouraged to attend our Climate Advocate Training. These classes are an hour long and occur two different times each month (see registration page for more information). New volunteers are reminded a few days beforehand for three months or until they attend the class (or listen to a recorded version online).

Core Volunteer Training

Once they attend Climate Advocate Training (or listen to a recorded version online), they are then encouraged to attend our Core Volunteer Training. These classes are held every Tuesday evening at 8 pm ET, and they are reminded once for the first month a few days beforehand.

Connecting with a Local Chapter

When someone attends or watches the Informational Session, we will send a specific email providing their chapter leader’s information. 

Once the nearest local chapter is established for a new volunteer, CCL will also notify Group Leaders via an email sent once a week. This will include a list of people new to CCL in the last week who are now in their chapter, as well as people who joined further in the past who have recently been reassigned to that chapter or reengaged with recent activity. As a result, both parties will have each other’s contact information and can begin developing a connection.

Updating Group Settings for Instant Notification

In New Community, Group Leaders can also adjust the notifications for when they are emailed if someone new joins their chapter. To be sent a notification instantly whenever a new volunteer joins your group, go to your chapter’s group page on Community, then click on “Settings” on the left-hand column. Make sure the “Notifications” tab is highlighted, click the checkbox next to “Notify me of new Members,” then “Save Changes.”

What are online-### recruits?

You may occasionally see contacts on your chapter roster whose “source” is in the format “online-###”. These contacts joined CCL primarily from constructive online conversations about (e.g.) CCL, carbon pricing, The Energy Innovation Act, and/or citizen advocacy. They are more likely to be tech-literate. They may also have very busy email inboxes, so if your welcome email goes unanswered, consider calling them, or texting if they have opted to receive texts from CCL. Otherwise, reach out and engage them as you would any other new recruits. When they become active, they may be more likely to engage on a platform like Slack than through email.

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