Adding New Volunteers in the Database

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There are several ways to join CCL. If folks join CCL via an online form they are automatically added to our database. This training explains the two primary ways of registering a new volunteer into the CCL database if they sign up at an event using a paper signup sheet.

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Using our online sign-up forms

Want to save on data entry at your next outreach event? CCL has multiple handouts that provide you ways to join online to simplify the process:

Entering new volunteers in your roster

CCL recommends getting as many new volunteers to sign themselves up using the paperless methods described above online to insure a timely join experience and accurate data entry (harder to read hand-writing). However, if you did end up using a tabling sign-up form for new volunteers to add to your chapter after an event, follow the simple instruction steps below or click the "Watch" tab to view the video.

  • To begin, try to complete the following steps within 24 hours of your event to provide the best onboarding experience for your chapter's new volunteers. 
  • Open up your Chapter Roster tool (available under "My Tools" on your dashboard or within the Tools page on Community).
  • If you are not a group leader, you will need permission to access the roster.
  • Once it has fully loaded, click on the "Add Member(s)" tab on the far right.
  • Scroll down to the field where you can enter the first individual's email address and click the "Search" button to the right.
  • If the individual is already entered into CCL's database, their contact information will show up below and you will be able to edit any of their profile information if they are in your chapter.
  • If the individual is not in our database, click on the "Add Member" button just to the right of the "Search" button as it will become visible.
  • Enter at least the first and last name and confirm the group information for that individual. This is the bare minimum information needed to create a new contact.
  • Note: if the volunteer wants to be a part of a different chapter (they're visiting from another city, etc.) make sure to change the chapter name when entering their contact information during data entry.
  • If possible, add all additional details you've gathered about the individual, including any helpful notes and details about the event where they signed up at (e.g. 01/01/2022 - NYC Farmer's Market - 42nd St.)
  • Once all information has been entered, click on the "Save' button in the upper right to save their contact information into the database.
  • Repeat this process for your additional new volunteers.
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Finding Your Roster

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Entering Many Members

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