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This training reviews how group leaders can understand and best use the reports (weekly new member reports, monthly action tracker reports & endorsers, and periodic editorial packet updates) they are sent via email to continue to grow and support their local chapters. 
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New Member Reports

Most importantly, every Friday group leaders receive a new member report as a reminder to contact your new members. Getting them connected to your chapter in a timely fashion is one of the most essential jobs as a leader. This email will appear in your inbox with the subject line "New Chapter Members This Week for *Chapter Name." 

This report will include the name, phone number, email and city of people who have joined your chapter that week. It will be broken down by people who have listened to the introductory Informational Session people that are brand new to CCL and people who were in CCL before but just moved to your chapter.

It's good practice to call or otherwise make contact with all these people to welcome them to your chapter and invite them to join in your group activities. You can do this yourself or you can enlist the help of other volunteers in your area. This is a really great opportunity for delegation, a lot of chapters have a welcome committee where other volunteers in the chapter help welcome their new members. For inspiration and support in building out a welcome team or learning more about the onboarding process, please join the Onboarding Action Team! If you'd like a volunteer, who isn't a group leader, to receive the weekly new member report, please submit a request at

Action Tracker Reports and Endorsers

Also every month, usually on the 4th, you will receive analysis of local actions tracked and endorsements in your area. The subject line of this email is "CCL Action Reports and Endorsers - *Chapter Name."

This will come to you as an Excel spreadsheet with a few different tabs. You can use this report to graph your chapter's progress and goals over time.

So, for example, maybe you'll see that your chapter has been getting a lot of letters to the editor published but has no local endorsements yet. You could use this report then to track your ongoing progress and congratulate your media team on all of their hard work and while organizing your endorsement team to set a goal of getting to endorsements before the end of the next month.

District Reports

These reports are auto-sent in the middle of the month around the 15th and include recent information about your congressional district's Published Media, Endorsement Reports, and District/National Climate Opinions to help you be able to demonstrate to your members of Congress the political will you have been building for climate solutions. Most are attached as editable Word documents and all are considered suitable to share with your member of Congress's office if you think they will support your relationship with that office. The subject line of this email is "District CCL Reports for *Congressional District* - *Representative's Name*."

Note: If you have a local non-group leader volunteer that you'd like to add to receive this report, go to the "Privileges" tab in your Chapter Roster and search for the name(s) you'd like to edit and update by checking the "Send GL Reports to non-GL" box so that they also receive the report.

Editorial Packets

You'll also receive periodic updates about media opportunities, known as "Editorial Packets." Whenever CCL releases an op-ed or is planning a media blitz for events Earth Day, you'll receive a copy of the texts, tips, and themes to pass along to your media team.


If you don’t have access to these reports, email CCL Membership at

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Weekly New Member Reports

Action Tracker & Endorsement Reports

District & Editorial Reports

Editorial Packets

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