Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

This topic covers the historic bipartisan legislation that aligns closely with CCL’s carbon pricing principles.


CCL fully supports the Energy Innovation Act and is working diligently toward its passage. Follow the trainings below to learn more and take action to support this legislation.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Introduction To The Energy Innovation Act

Walk through how the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act's components work, including the fee, dividend, carbon border adjustment, and regulatory adjustments. Learn now!

Communicating About the Energy Innovation Act

An overview of how to talk about five key messages behind the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act. Learn now!

The Details of The Text

This training dives into the actual legislative text for all CCL volunteers to explore what the specific provisions say about key questions. Learn now!

Dive Deeper

See the Energy Innovation Public Webpage for the full list of supporters. Share your questions about the Energy Innovation Act in the sitewide forums.