Community Leader Sign-On Letter Template

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Sign-on letter template for community leaders to sign in support of climate action, carbon pricing, and carbon fee and dividend policies like the Energy Innovation Act.
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When your prominent community leaders add their name, title and affiliation to a sign-on letter and that letter is delivered to a member of Congress, it sends a strong signal because each community leader represents the views of many other constituents and voters. Members of Congress listen especially to community leaders who are trusted messengers, people they know and are connected to through common background and interests. 

To start, consider what the most appropriate “ask” is for your sign-on letter from the options below: 

  • Make the climate provisions a priority in budget reconciliation and include a carbon price so that President Biden can achieve his goal of 50% emission reductions by 2030
  • Enact carbon fee and dividend
  • Enact carbon pricing
  • Prioritize strong climate policy
  • Take climate action
  • Support and enact the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R.2307)

Then, fill in the blank in the sign-on letter template with one of these ask options:

  • Google form
  • Separate paper letter
  • Common letter

You’ll be able to use this approach to get people you know who are trusted messengers to your members of Congress views to sign. You can also ask them to urge their colleagues to sign. 

Having a few prominent signatures in place will make subsequent signors more eager to add their own name.  When you are done, ask your Liaison to deliver the signed letter to your member(s) of Congress. Also be sure to post the letter in your social media, tagging your Members of Congress, and write LTEs about it.  

And log your grasstops meetings with community leaders in the Action Tracker. 

 Community Leader Sign-On Letter Template Community Leader Sign-On Letter Template (.docx)(updated 3/21/22) 47 KB

CCL is soliciting endorsements for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act from community leaders at this webform on the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act website.
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