Endorsement Reports

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Note: At this time the reports linked here reflect endorsements of a carbon fee and dividend type proposal, not the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. When available, state and district-level reports of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will be posted here.
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State and District Endorsement Reports

The links below link to a Google Drive folder with state and district public endorsements of Carbon Fee and Dividend and/or climate action, including editorials and local resolutions. These can be shared with anyone.

Sector Reports

Endorsements organized by major sector: Academic & Education, Businesses & Associations, Faith, Government (including local resolutions). Labor Unions, Media, Non-Profits and Political.

Academia & Education Businesses & Associations
Faith Government (Individuals & Resolutions)
Labor Unions National Security
Non-Profits Media
Political Leaders (Conservative) Political Leaders (Progressive)
All Carbon Fee & Dividend (or similar) Supporters
National Reports

Overall endorsements across the country including all major sectors listed above.

National Report

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