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CCL Brand Guidelines

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CCL’s brand is the deepest articulation of ourselves and helps us communicate our unique value to our volunteers, donors, congress members and partners. CCL's Brand Style Guidelines help you decide what design choices to follow when you are using and creating materials, be it print or digitally online.

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YouTube webinar (36m 53s) that reviews CCL’ s brand pillars, style and messaging, why they’re important, and the guidelines on how to best use them.
Usage Instructions

Look and feel is important since we process visual things much more easily than written words. If CCL looks differently every time someone sees us, we’re actually working against ourselves rather than building on the series of the same experiences that people have with us. Look and feel includes color and font choice, logo usage and image style. You will find guidance on each of these in the style guide.

Brand Guidelines

To download, click the image or the download button. To access CCL's Template Presentation Slides - see this Google Slides link.

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CCL Fonts

CCL has two fonts we use for our brand, Ubuntu and Source Sans Pro. Information on how to use the fonts can be found in the branding guide.

Download the fonts

For instructions on installing these fonts on your computer, click here for PC and click here for Mac.
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