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Talking points to help volunteers give an effective media interview about Citizens' Climate Lobby and climate change.

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These talking points are short, clear messages that can help you give an effective interview about Citizens' Climate Lobby and your volunteer work. Practice them before your interview so these phrases are on the tip of your tongue when you talk to a reporter.

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Talking points about CCL

  • Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a grassroots nonprofit organization working on climate change. 
  • We push Congress to take action on climate change. CCL chapters across the country are asking Congress to pass big, national climate legislation like a price on carbon pollution. 
  • We’re nonpartisan. Climate change affects everyone, and we work with anyone who is serious about solving it.  That includes both Republicans and Democrats.
  • Volunteers like us are working all over the country. Citizens’ Climate Lobby has over 200,000 supporters nationwide, organized into more than 380 local chapters, including our chapter here in [CITY].
  • I’m part of Citizens’ Climate Lobby because… 
    • I started volunteering with CCL in [YEAR], and I am working on climate change because [HIGH LEVEL PERSONAL REASON - e.g. “I want my kids to enjoy the same beautiful beaches that I did.”]
    • As part of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, I’ve worked on [EXAMPLES OF YOUR ACTIVITIES AT A HIGH LEVEL - e.g., “I’ve given climate change presentations at local schools,” or “I’ve met with Rep. NAME in Washington, D.C.”]
  • In our local chapter, we… 
    • Our local CCL chapter meets with Rep. NAME and Senators NAME and NAME to encourage them to take action on climate change.
    • Our local CCL chapter reaches out to friends and neighbors in our community to educate them about climate change and the actions Congress can take to help.
    • Our local CCL chapter builds support among community leaders. We want to show our members of Congress that our community wants climate action.

Talking points about climate change

  • Climate change is serious. Here in [CITY], it is already impacting us. Here’s how.
    • We have more days of extreme heat, which is dangerous for people’s health.
    • Precipitation patterns have changed, causing more droughts and more flooding. This is hard on our farmers.
    • Sea levels are rising, causing floods even on sunny days. This hurts local business and tourism.
    • [Describe your own local climate impacts at a high level using this same formula - simply state the impact, and describe who it hurts in your community.]
  • There are solutions to it! Congress can pass big, national climate legislation to help address the problem. In August of 2022, they passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which contained historic climate measures. But we still need to do more. Carbon pricing legislation could dramatically reduce America’s greenhouse gas emissions, while putting money in people’s pockets each month.
  • Climate change is real. Scientists agree that climate change is happening. It’s driven by increased greenhouse gases which come from burning fossil fuels like coal and oil. The sooner we can build a clean energy economy, the more likely we are to avoid the worst impacts of warming.
  • Climate change is caused by humans. Scientists tell us human activity is putting too many greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It happens when we use fossil fuels for our transportation, to power buildings and homes, create products, and provide services that we use every day.
Download the resource to see and practice all the current talking points.
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