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These templates provide CCL volunteers a starting point to draft resolution language with their local government.
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One of the most impactful ways we can express the local will of the people is by obtaining resolutions in support of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act from our local municipal governing bodies. City councils and boards of supervisors are in touch with their communities every day, are attentive to local voices, and can send strong messages on behalf of their entire citizenry. Think of local resolutions as endorsements on steroids. When a city, county or state passes one, they are sending a message to Congress on behalf of many thousands of people.

Click the download buttons below to access the municipal resolution templates CCL provides and visit the Engaging City and Local Governments For Resolutions training for more recommendations on how to pursue local resolutions. 
Municipal Resolution Template Municipal Resolution Template (.docx) (updated 10/30/23)17 KB

Carbon Fee and Dividend Resolution Template
Carbon Fee & Dividend Generic TemplateCarbon Fee & Dividend Generic Template(.docx) (updated 10/30/23) 16 KB
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