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A sample selection of our professional photos for use and our yearly conference photo on the steps of Capitol Hill.
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The biggest part of what makes Citizens' Climate Lobby so special is our volunteers. They are the ones meeting with government officials, helping people in the community, and working hard to make change happen. The photography style of the images in the Google Drive folder emphasize the value of human relationships and reflects our brand value of being relationship driven. It communicates that our volunteers are everyday people, just like you and me, and their lives are brightened through human interactions, whether they're at home, in a work meeting, or doing things in their community.

Click here for CCL's Photos Google Drive or on an image below to download.

Sample Promotional Photos
photo1-1024x684.jpg photo2-1024x684.jpg photo3-1024x684.jpg
photo4-1024x684.jpg photo5-1024x684.jpg photo6-1024x684.jpg

Want to share your own group photos and search for other CCL groups'? - Post them on your favorite social media feed and hashtag them with #GrassrootsClimate to be able to find each others!

CCL Annual Capitol Steps Photos

Best practice: Use these photos on social media or as small supporting images elsewhere. Please do not choose them for large, featured photos such as on banners or front and center on your group website.  View or download CCL's annual capitol steps photos from the CCL Annual Group Photo Google Drive folder.

2023 Conference Photo

2022 Conference Photo


2019 Conference Photo


2018 Conference Photo


2017 Conference Photo


2016 Conference Photo

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