Responding To Questions about the Energy Innovation Act

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This resource features commonly asked questions you might encounter in public dialogue or presentations with some potential responses that you can use. Feel free to modify to fit your circumstance and use this as a good study guide or a reference to have available when tabling. It is intended as an internal volunteer resource rather than a handout or link to share. Our fact sheet, FAQs, or section by section bill analysis are better for sharing in meetings with congressional aides or other people.
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When talking about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act we always want to stay focused as much as possible on our high level messaging as found on the Energy Innovation Act website or on our 1-page Fact Sheet. Similarly when describing how the bill works we want to keep it simple and high level like we do on the How it Works page on the bill site or again on the 1-page Fact Sheet. Our infographic also has some good high-level points. 

But when people do ask detailed questions about the policy it is good to have a plan for how to respond. With audiences you can provide some information and pivot back to our high level messaging. In one-on-one conversations, it may be as important to listen to their concerns, draw them out with questions and acknowledge their values as it is to provide information. When providing information, doing it in small doses followed by asking for input works better than saying everything you can think of all at once. If you want more training, check the resources at the Effective Communication Action Team. You can also read through the Energy Innovation Q&A resource and see other basic questions about the specifics of a carbon fee and dividend policy answered on CCL’s FAQ page. 

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