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Zoom Backgrounds

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Downloadable visual backgrounds for volunteers to upload and use in any online meeting.
Usage Instructions
Click the blue download buttons below to download the images/videos for your own online meetings. For training on how to use virtual backgrounds on Zoom see this support video.  To see additional Zoom Backgrounds CCL volunteers have created and shared, see this forums thread.
Energy Innovation Act Thought BubbleEnergy Innovation Act Thought Bubble(.png)(updated 6/10/20)1910 KB
CCL Party ImageCCL Party Image(.png)(updated 6/10/20)2377 KB
Animated CCL PartyAnimated CCL Party(.mp4)(updated 6/10/20)2647 KB
Far MiddleFar Middle(.png)(updated 6/10/20)1565 KB
Large CCL Icon  Over ShoulderLarge CCL Icon Over Shoulder(.png)(updated 6/10/20) 16 KB
Communicating with Others
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