Celebrating Storytelling

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This training focuses on the importance of storytelling and preparing our own stories of personal transformation. CCL's President and Founder Marshall Saunders shares his own first lobbying experience as a volunteer, complete with setbacks and early victories.

This training is also part of the Core Volunteer Training series.


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The Yale Climate Communications Formula
  1. Something in my life or our community is changing.
  2. It’s related to climate change.  
  3. It matters. (Hint: people are affected.)
  4. What solutions/personal actions I’m taking.
Building Your Own Story
  • We listen to stories with a different part of our brain, in a place that is less critical and defensive.
  • Important! Know your audience and be curious. 
  • When telling climate change stories:
  • Truth is more important than facts
  • Speak to the head, the heart, and the gut.
  • Head: The facts of climate change - it’s real, human caused and can be addressed
  • Heart: Your feelings about the story you are telling
  • Gut: That place of desire, safety, and identity
  • In telling better climate stories, we need to talk less about the impacts of climate change and more about the many benefits of climate solutions. 
  • Give people a vision of a hopeful future.
Share Your Climate Story!
  • Share your experience or ask questions related to this training in the Forums.

I do believe in the power of story. I believe that stories have an important role to play in the formation of human beings, that they can stimulate, amaze, and inspire their listeners. -Hayao Miyazaki

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The Power of Stories & Framework 

Peterson's Practice Story

Marshall's Story

  • Peterson Toscano
  • Marshall Saunders
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