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This training walks through how to use the Grasstops Engagement Tracker - CCL’s ongoing important grasstops outreach program updates - including how to search for existing Influencers, create new entries, and see a list of endorsers in your district. Important Note: The Grasstops Engagement Tracker (GET) is currently being integrated into CCL Action Tracker, and this will impact how the GET is used. Until that integration is complete, there will be some information in this training that is out-of-date. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. 
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Four Main Ways You Can Use the Tracker
  • Getting to the Grasstops Engagement Tracker (GET) in CCL Community
  • Seeing if a community leader is in the Tracker
  • How to enter a new community leader and endorsement in the Tracker
  • How to see a list of endorsements from my district 
How to Access the Grasstops Engagement Tracker
  • Let’s start by looking at two ways to find the Tracker onCommunity. One way is from the Tools menu on your Community Dashboard. The other way is by typing in
Seeing if a community leader is in the Tracker
  1. If you are pursuing an endorsement from a prominent individual or organization, you should start by doing a search on the basic search page to see if the community leader is already in the GET with another volunteer as the primary point of contact. This would be the community leader’s delegate.
  2. Type in an example, (e.g. Janet Yellen), then click search, to see that she’s not in the Tracker and you are free to start contacting her.
  3. If your leader is already in the tracker and assigned to someone else you are welcome to contact that delegate to pass on a recommendation or question but please do not also reach out to the leader.
How to enter a new community leader and endorsement in the Tracker
  1. You only need to add a new community leader to the GET if they have endorsed something that is not the Energy Innovation Act (EICDA): climate action, carbon pricing, or carbon fee and dividend. If you are just starting to talk with a new community leader, please keep track of that relationship in a google sheet shared with your chapter's grasstops team.
  2. If the community leader is currently endorsing carbon fee and dividend, carbon pricing, or climate action, then you can create an entry for them in the GET. To add them, you will need to search their name or their organization's name in the tracker; when it does not appear, the "Add an influencer/endorsement" button will become available. Click on it and fill out your endorser's information, then hit "save and close".
  3. After you’ve entered your community leader, they will show up under the "My Endorsers" tab. Find the endorser you just created in the GET and hit the "view" button to the left of their name. There are tabs at the top, click on the one that says "endorsements", then click "add endorsement". Where it says "endorsement type", select climate action, carbon pricing, or carbon fee and dividend. Be sure to hit save after you've made the selection. You can see these instructions with images here.
  4. When your community leader (let’s say Janet Yellen) submits her endorsement at the mobile-friendly self-service website, her contact info and endorsement will be automatically uploaded to the GET. So, EICDA endorsements do not need to be added manually.
Becoming A Chapter Grasstops Engagement Manager

A Chapter Grasstops Engagement Manager (GEM) is the person or persons designated by a Group Leader to lead the chapter’s grasstops outreach. The volunteer(s) on this team:

  • Identify and prioritize local prominent community leaders 
    • Who will be persuasive to your members of Congress
    • Who is in your network - you can talk to them
  • Engage with them, assess where they are on climate, and educate them on carbon pricing.
  • Work with the leaders to determine an action they can take to show their support for strong climate action.
  • Work with your Liaison(s) to consider including the leader in an in-district lobby meeting

If you are interested in becoming your chapter's Grasstops Engagement Manager talk with your group leader and have them mark you with that privilege in your chapter roster.

How to see a list of endorsements from my district

If you are a liaison or a volunteer who wants to bring a list of endorsements from your district or state to your lobby meeting next week, use the filter capability of the GET or the endorsement map on the Energy Innovation Act website.

  1. Step 1 is to go to the "Adv Search" tab.
  2. Step 2 is to type in your district or state. You should also filter for signed endorsements and endorsement type.
  3. Next, scroll to the right, and click the tiny down arrow called “Date signed” to sort the results by date. 
  4. To make a list of endorsements for the Energy Innovation Act, copy and paste these into your separate document by hand. Or you can go to the "My Chapter" tab, scroll to the bottom, and click on “export .csv”.
Getting Help

If you have questions, you can post them on the sitewide endorsement forum, or send an email to .  Thanks for your important Grasstops work engaging community leaders and securing endorsements!

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