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The Energy Innovation Act infographic simplifies our legislative proposal making it a great educational tool, especially when presenting an overview instead of an in-depth analysis.
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Download and share the story and positive impacts of The Energy Innovation Act online through social media and other outlets with CCL’s infographic. It focuses on the main messages of this legislation being effective, bipartisan, good for families, our health, and the economy.

The Full Infographic is available in PNG, JPG, and PDF (letter-sized) formats in two versions - branded with CCL’s website for CCL specific events as well as an unbranded version for events outside of CCL. Individual page snippets and Spanish language versions are also available for more specific messages.

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Infographic (Full CCL-Branded)Infographic (Full CCL-Branded)(.png)738 KB
Infographic (Full CCL-Branded)Infographic (Full CCL-Branded)(Letter Sized PDF)225 KB
Infographic (Full Unbranded)Infographic (Full Unbranded)(.png)708 KB
Infographic (Full Unbranded)Infographic (Full Unbranded)(Letter Sized PDF)220 KB
 Infographic (Spanish) Infographic (Spanish) (.png)(updated 2/20/20)1173 KB
 Infographic (Spanish) Infographic (Spanish)Letter Sized PDF428 KB

Individual Page Snippets: 

For more information behind the data cited on the infographic, visit: If needed, use CCL's store for printing.

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