Developing Relationships with Candidates

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Training provides the chance to learn directly from state representatives and senators as well as from other CCL leaders on how they’ve continued to build on their engagement and keep climate change and CCL in their campaign’s awareness.

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As we transition to New Community this Training Guide will be uploaded soon. Thanks for referring to the "Watch" & "Listen" tabs for the full content for the time being.

The first half features CCL Tucson-Oro Valley Group Leaders Jane Conlin & Ed Beshore sharing best practices for “Coffee with Candidates” as well as CCL CA North Orange County /Southeast L.A. County’s Group Leader Dennis Arp sharing best practices for their well-attended Earth Day non-partisan CA39 candidate forum.

The second half features State Rep. Katrina Shankland (WI), State Sen. Robb Hogg (IA), and former U.S. Rep. Claudine Schneider (RI) providing insights on how to best leverage your relationships with local/state officials to build essential connections with your congressional members and candidates as well.

Video Outline
Introductions and Agenda
4m 24s
Coffee with Candidates Example
13m 40s
Non-partisan Climate Forum Example
8m 59s
Advice from Senator Hogg and Rep. Schneider
10m 43s
Advice from Rep. Shankland
Final Reflections
2m 14s
Jane Conlin
Ed Beshore
Dennis Arp
Wisc. State Rep.
Katrina Shankland
Iowa State Sen.
Robb Hogg 
Former RI U.S. Rep.
Claudine Schneider
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