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Outreach to the Agriculture Community

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Outreach to the agriculture community can help cultivate allies and build support of the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act among farmers with farms of all sizes, agribusiness and consumers.

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Agriculture Laser Talk

For more information on how a carbon fee would impact farmers, read CCL's Laser Talk on Agriculture and a Carbon Fee.

Business Climate Leaders's Agriculture Sector Webinar

Visit the Business Climate Leaders’s website for a video of the Agriculture Sector webinar held by Klaus Mager, co-leader of the BCL Agriculture Sector team that provided an update on the profound role that agriculture will play in securing our climate future. Mager explains how regenerative agriculture, which focuses on soil health, will require changes in the entire food system--starting with personal consumption patterns. Any solution to the climate change crisis, Mager highlights must include agriculture--a huge economic sector that provides food, fuel and fiber for humanity. The sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions (10% of net emissions) and it can help reduce overall emissions through best practices.   “It is becoming increasingly clear that we will not be able to stop CO2 emissions in time to prevent severe impacts to the global climate,” Mager says, but carbon sequestration can “buy time to transition to a net-zero emissions economy.”

Agriculture at the Table series

In the fall of 2017 the Agriculture Action Team hosted the weekly “Agriculture at the Table” series (YouTube playlist). 

For more information on outreach go to the the Agriculture Action Team.

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