Hosting Your Climate Advocate Training Workshop

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Hosting a Climate Advocate Training Workshop can be as simple as planning and hosting a birthday party for a friend. For workshops happening in-person, thinking about food and location are your primary concerns. And regardless of if the workshop is in-person or online, this training covers the invitation list, invitations, and how to best work with your trainer and state coordinator to get things up and running. If you have a large team ready to help or are looking for more details, read on below for a more detailed list of suggestions. 
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The Climate Advocate Training workshop (previously Group Start Workshop) will:

  • Formally start the activities of your local chapter
  • Serve as a mechanism to invite new potential volunteers to learn about us
  • Train existing and potential volunteers how to develop relationships with their elected representatives

Request to join the Trainers group headed by Elli Sparks & Brett Cease if you would like to be trained to lead this workshop and for a sample recording, outline, and more support for using the Presentation Slide Deck for Climate Advocate Training Workshop (with Train the Trainer notes).

Using Eventbrite

Connect with Alison Kubicsko, CCL National Event's Manager, if you would like to use Eventbrite and post your training on Facebook. Watch this short 3-minute video for more information. 


Two months ahead:

  • *Connect with Regional (or State) Coordinator to secure a trainer
  • *Connect with trainer to confirm a date for your group’s workshop
  • *Secure venue (i.e., church basement, library meeting room, school or community classroom, office boardroom, if needed your own living room)
  • Create your team for outreach
  • Identify groups to invite and start tracking the invitations with this shared sheet

One month ahead:

  • Start putting up flyers around the community
  • *Personally call to invite everyone on your chapter roster and other community networks. If you need this roster list for your area, contact
  • Check in with other local volunteers to assign workshop roles (see descriptions below)

One week ahead:

  • *Check in with your workshop trainer to confirm expected attendance numbers, what they expect you to cover, timeline of the day,  and any other details.
  • *Send final email and phone calls for events to your group and list of attendees
  • *Confirm with venue the timeline and any final requests/details
  • Confirm with team their plans for workshop
  • Circle back to media outlets for event coverage

The Day Of The Event Don’t Forget…

  • *Get plenty of sleep and bring your computer, technology needs, food and beverages, name tags, sign in sheets, pens, and your warm, hospitable self–it’s going to be an amazing event!
  • Don’t forget to take a lot of photos as well and share them everywhere you can!

*indicates essential considerations, the remaining items are suggestions that can be met if you have the time and resources

Assigning Roles and Tasks

These first four roles are the most essential to ensure a smooth event:

  • Host (coordinates the rest of the roles, works with and potentially offers to host the Workshop Trainer)
  • Venue Organizer (coordinates with venue)
  • Food Coordinator (decides what food will be served, where it will be from, how money will be collected to reimburse, what reusable plates/glasses can be used)
  • Phone Banker(s) (call(s) attendees to confirm attendance)

These can be added if you have the time and team power:

  • Flyer Runner(s) (print(s) flyers and post everywhere)
    • Note: CCL is encouraging volunteers whenever possible to use the online tools below for your tabling instead of using paper letters and signup sheets. For more information why see CCL's Paperless Outreach Training.
  • Media Contact(s) (contact(s) local media to post in calendar listings, contact local reporters to invite to training)
  • Greeter(s) (get(s) name tags and markers, stand at door, welcome people, provide them with a name tag, have folks sign in)
  • Technical support (confirm with trainer any tech and A/V needs, work with group to provide)
  • Coalition Builder(s) (invites other community organizations and volunteers to attend the event) 
Sample Email or Phone Script

Use This Template to Send to Your Email List

Dear [Name],

I am writing to invite you to an exciting workshop coming up!

[Trainer’s name and CCL title] will be coming here to [City] to help launch a Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapter focused on creating the political will for a livable world. I have heard [Trainer’s name] speak, and I can promise you an inspiring [morning/afternoon/evening].

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a volunteer-driven, grassroots organization with over __ chapters across the US and Canada that are all dedicated to building support within local communities for climate solutions.

One of the goals of the workshop is to break through the myth that we can’t make a difference and inspire attendees in highlighting the positive change CCL volunteers are making throughout the world. The workshop will be held at [Address] on [Date] from [Start]-[End] at [Time].

The workshop will include skill-building elements, provocative presentations, interactive group and paired discussions, more about CCL’s preferred policy solution, and a time to practice meeting with our member of Congress–all as a step toward having our community and elected officials become champions for climate solutions.

I’d love you to come to learn more and consider joining our group. Do you think you can make it?

All the best,

(Your name here)
[Contact Information]

Inviting The Community

Coalition Building

If you have the time and additional help, what can make a Climate Advocate Training Workshop even more successful is inviting a wide swath of your local community to attend the workshop and begin the process of building a group from as diverse a coalition as possible.

The following suggestions are for new groups that have a pool of volunteers looking to help broaden the workshop’s reach. For a list of coalition partners, check this example list of possible contacts. Feel free to download, make a copy, and use this spreadsheet as a starting place for tracking your group’s contacts and follow up.

Resources to Help You Invite Your Community

Using Social Media

CCL’s Marketing & Events department is happy to help with creating a registration page through EventBrite and a Facebook event for upcoming Climate Advocate Training workshops. Email Alison Kubicsko, CCL Marketing & Events Coordinator at so she can give you more details, and help get you started. It is best to not create your own registration page or Facebook event, Alison will be able to create both of those that will better optimize the reach of the event.

Local Media Outlets & Community Calendars

Download, edit and send the training press release to local media outlets and these potential community calendars:

  • Regional newspapers
  • TV and radio stations
  • Town webpages or message-boards
  • Local Blogs
  • Green groups
  • Ethnic groups
  • Political groups
  • Religious organizations (Quakers, Unitarians, Catholics, church newsletters)

After the event, there are a few things left to do.

  1. Send thank you cards to event organizers.
  2. Submit new contacts to CCL’s home office.
    • Download this spreadsheet.
    • Enter all available information for each new contact in the spreadsheet using the format provided.
    • In the column labeled “Lead Source,” put in a 4-10 word description of the event and the date. Use your spreadsheet’s “Fill Down” or “Copy and Paste” to put this in for every row.
    • Send the completed spreadsheet to
  3. Follow-up with new recruits by phone and review their preferences from the completed Volunteer Opportunities Sheet for ideas in their local involvement.

Sample follow-up phone script:

Hello, and thank you for attending our workshop.
Do you have a couple of minutes to chat?
I was wondering what you thought of the meeting? (really listen to what they say!)
I was wondering if you could see yourself getting involved with CCL?
I was wondering if you can think of anyone else who may be interested in CCL? May I contact them or would you like to?
See you at the next meeting… or ask to join Wednesday informational session
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Emerging Group Leader Call Dec. 4th, 2019
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