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This training demonstrates how chapter admins can edit their chapter’s public facing web page on our main website using an editing interface that’s on CCL Community and their chapter's CCL Community page.

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How To Edit Your Website

To edit the content of your chapter website, log in to CCL Community. Once signed in, go to the “Tools” section from the top menu and click "All Tools" and scroll down to the CCL Group Leader and Group Admin Tools header. Here you’ll have access to a the ‘Chapter Page Edit Tool.' On that tool page there are instructions and links to support videos. 

In order to use the Chapter CCL Website Page Editor Tool make sure that your group leader has added you to the "Chapter Page Editor" role on your group's roster for you to be able to access this tool. After this step has been completed, if you aren't able to access this tool, be sure to log out and then back in to your Community profile to allow this permission to sync via clicking on your name in the the upper right  and "Log Out" on the drop down as highlighted below:

If you still have challenges accessing your chapter page edit tool, send an email to CCL's Membership team at membership@citizensclimatelobby.org for more support. Note: the intro video on the page is not editable but part of each chapter's page.

Accessing the Chapter Webpage

Anyone can go to www.citizensclimatelobby.org, and find the page for their chapter.  This unique chapter page can be found by clicking the “About” tab then in the drop down, then choosing ‘Chapters.’ Once on the Chapters page, scroll down and find your chapter and click on the corresponding chapter name. 

Most of them have some generic information about CCL and at the bottom it has your chapter's email address.  This web page can be a really great marketing tool once you customize it for your chapter! As a group leader, you’ll have access to edit the text and pictures on this page go customize it for your group.  Some information you can include are other nearby cities so people feel welcome, where and when your chapter meets, the names of group leaders so people know who they’re emailing, and information about any events you have coming up.

You’ll also see that it has a custom URL with your chapter name, so you can distribute this on any business cards or recruiting materials you make for your area! Then, if you keep it updated, anyone who goes to that URL will have automatic access to all of the information they need to get involved with your chapter.

Note: If you don’t see your chapter’s name in the list, this probably means that you don’t have an official group yet, and you can work with your state and regional coordinators to decide when it will be right for you to put an official group up on the website. 

How To Edit Your CCL Community page

To edit the content of your chapter website, log in to CCL Community. Once signed in, go to your chapter's page and select "Admin" on the left side toolbar. To grant a chapter volunteer access to the Admin page, see this FAQ

You will then see a number of tabs to access various functions. The tabs that allow you to edit home page content are “Details,” “Settings,” and “Welcome/Info.”

  • Select the “Details” tab to edit the “About Us” block on the group home page. See this FAQ for instructions. 

  • Select the "Details" tab and scroll to the bottom to change your group’s avatar image - the small round image above the chapter name (the default is CCL’s logo).  You can also update your group's sub header by entering new text in the "City/Cities/Region/etc." field - this will show up at the top of your group page below your group's name in the blue banner.

  • Select the “Welcome/Info” tab to edit the “More Info” block on the group home page. See this FAQ for instructions. 

  • Select the "Welcome/Info" tab to revise the welcome message sent to new group members. See this FAQ for instructions. 

  • Select the “Settings” tab to choose which links (such as “Files” or “Photos”) to include on the left side of the group home page. See this FAQ for more details. 

Note: The "About Us" and "More Info" blocks on your group home page are publicly visible to all CCL members as well as non-logged-in users. This means that any links or contact information you include on the “About Us” and “More Info” blocks will be visible to anyone that clicks onto your group’s homepage - whether they’re logged into CCL Community or not. Every other page and area of your group (Events, Forums, Files, Photos, Videos, Members, Settings, etc.) requires a user to log-in in order to see and interact with the material.


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  • Find your chapter's website (0:50)
  • Chapter Page Editor Tool (3:41)
  • Edit your chapter's CCL Community page (6:11)
  • Caillie Roach
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