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This training is geared at enhancing you and your group’s use of Twitter to support your social media goals and interact with the millions of users online.
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Demonstrate Support on Twitter

Help your member of Congress see strong in-district support for climate action by tweeting them about your outreach events.

As you do outreach, share it on Twitter with your member of Congress. Here’s how: 

  1. Invite a few people to take pictures at each event and choose the best ones (up to 4)
  2. For every event, have a designated person from your chapter tweet a photo on Twitter during the event
  3. Tag your member of Congress (for example @RepTedDeutch)
  4. Use the hashtag #GrassrootsClimate in your tweet

This is a simple way to let your member of Congress know that your outreach events are happening and to raise their awareness of the Energy Innovation Act.

Additionally, CCL National will compile any pictures using #GrassrootsClimate and share the images in CCL’s Earth Day social media posts.   

More information

If your chapter would like some help getting up to speed on Twitter, check out the "Watch" tab for our new "Sending a Tweet" video for guidance and suggestions.

Press play to start the video (3m 56s)
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