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Engaging With CCL Community

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This training reviews how to navigate CCL Community and then focuses on how newer volunteers can become more engaged in your local teams while highlighting avenues for participation that harness your talent and areas of interest effectively.

This training is also part of the Core Volunteer Training series.

TOC and Guide Section
Find and connect with your local chapter
  • Visit your chapter's home page to introduce yourself and ask any questions you have - that’s the best way to find out about what’s going on in your community, including any upcoming local events.
Write your member of Congress
Take a tour of New Community
  • Would you like more insights on what's on Community and where to find the resources, training, and information you're looking for? Take a Community Tour of the key areas to explore through several different modules to find out more information.
Share Your Climate Story!
  • What draws you into climate advocacy and motivates your involvement? Share on the "Introduce Yourself" forum what background experiences, skills, and passion you're excited to be bringing to the CCL network!
Customize your interests
  • What activities and advocacy outlets are you most interested in engaging with? Select a few areas you are most drawn to in the "My Interests" area of your profile to receive more targeted content.
CCL Glossary
Find answers to frequently asked questions
  • Visit the Community FAQs page if you'd like to find out more information about how to use Community. 
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Intro & Agenda (from beginning)
What is Core Volunteer Training? (4:15)
Reviewing Our Websites (6:17)
CCL Community  Dashboard & Home Page  (17:08)
Logging in (20:46)
How to Get Help (21:26)
New Volunteer Page (24:12)
CCL Glossary & Basic Terms (25:03)
Setting Up Your Profile (26:57)
Connecting with your Group (29:36)
Action Teams (34:00)
Exploring Resources and Training (38:20)
Participating In Forums (41:07)

  • Tamara Staton
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New Volunteer Page

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